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We have expertise in media of all types. 
Software Architects, Media & Production Technologists

WYSKA is a philosophy as much as it is a name. It all started when some colleagues suggested that I begin a blog to share insights.   We are passionate about software and technology. Our experience working with software developers and print & media production facilities large, and small give us a unique insight "from the trenches", of production professionals .  We've spent more than 30 years to help developers to make awesome tools that meet their customer's needs more perfectly. We take the User Experience and Capabilities side of software, solutions and workflows very seriously. Software should be intuitive, not arcane. We study the way that people involved production work. From print, to www, to 3D, we am an experts in how things are made, produced, & published.

3D print in particular has great potential for the printing industry to use our extensive experience in imaging manufacturing, to become expert in 3D manufacturing.

With decades of work in the standards communities for graphic arts, we also help to drive the future. Feel free to browse this site for some insight, and please do not hesitate to contact us. We help to develop... and we can take your Legos, and turn them into many things. We focus upon a simple philosophy:

Digital Systems... for Analog People.

production, automation, & integration 
3D Printing


What We Do...

We work like you work...

I've traveled the world, and I know global and local working habits from Asia to Australia, and Europe to North America

Imaging, and 3D PRint

 3D printing is a technology in its infancy. It has similarities to the birth of the Desktop Publishing that are striking.
I have been active in 3D printing for a number of years, and I am increasingly focused upon the software used in 3D as modern "print". The history of how desktop publishing evolved from a garage/lab experiment into a refined process. Using history as our guide, we can plan for the futue.
3D Printing is evolving into a manufacturing process.

UX/Featureset Design

How your users use your applications and tools should not be an afterthought. I specialize in user-based application design that meets those needs perfectly. I have spent years in the trenches of production, and as a result I know how workflow, and efficiency can be maximized to help your customers become more profitable.

Application Architecture

Software is a modern artform. It is most common for applications to be designed by engineers. Often that leads to tools that are not user-friendly, or lack the full feature requirements of a user or customer. Becaue my focus is on how work gets done, I can help to make your tools that much more appealing, and appropriate to your customers needs.


We have a lot of experience in print and publishing workflows, and JDF/MIS consulting. Modern workflow requires standardized methods and tools. JDF brings that and a lot more with its MIS-centric workflow. 

ANALYTICS & Workflow

It was a short honeymoon between the first film output, to fully-imposed plates. We went from "Wow, you got a digital page out of the imagesetter, and it worked!", to "Ok, how many plates can you impose or output an hour?" in a matter of months. Due to that heavy pressure of production efficiency, it is now more important than ever to work in a clever, efficient manner.


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